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5CCG Investment Support enters partnership with Sallfort Privatbank AG in Zurich and Basel

In order to enhance the 5CCG Investment Support services, 5CCG has entered a strategic partnership with Swiss based Sallfort Privatbank AG with offices in Basel und Zurich.

Michael Bornhaeusser, Managing Partner of 5CCG, will support the management board of Sallfort Privatbank AG by developing the new department “Private Equity, Products & Services”.

“Sample Projects and Achievements of 5CCG”

5CCG developed Global Content Strategy for Global Consumer Brand Enterprise

December 2012 - Content as the new engagement point for consumers is getting more important and 5CCG just developed an innovation strategy to classify, develop and maintain content for the brands of a global CPG company in order to increase content quality, efficiency and to optimize cost and time consumption.

Based on 5CCG´s long and deep history in the content industry, 5CCG created a “Content Factory Strategy” with a focus on product supporting content creation with a global team of 5CCG consultants from Basel, Singapore and New York.

Main goal of the strategy is to enable the company´s brands and marketing departments using non product related content assets to excite and engage consumers. Base of the strategy is the classification of content, the way themes which support the brands are defined and content creation, usage/tracking as well as maintenance on all relevant digital channels (from mobile to IPTV).

The project was delivered by end of 2012 and 5CCG is now supporting the implementation process of this global program in countries such as USA, China, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Belgium.

5CCG wins Government WLAN Project against major Competition

December 2012 - “Free WIFI” is a buzz word discussed by many governments around the globe in order to increase their public service portfolio, attracting tourists and develop new ways to communicate with its citizens. But very little implementation has been seen so far because of cost, complexity in the implementation and conflict of interest between the government, mobile providers and other stake holders in the communication industry.

At the end of 2012 5CCG has won in a holistic RFQ process a project to develop a Free WLAN strategy in the public environment by taking into account new business models, partnerships and operation structures in order to avoid the aforementioned complexity and provide not only a relevant technical strategy but also a sustainable business plan to implement and operate the service.

The project will be conducted by the Basel team with technical support from the 5CCG team in Buenos Aires, where 5CCG`s telecommunication technology practice is located.

5CCC developed global CRM Strategy for one of the largest Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Company on earth

“One to one communication beats traditional advertising” a statement which gains ground in international marketing and will come to REAL life right now. Due to technology developments, the way content can be created and distributed, changing user behavior and the abilities of profile based applications, the CRM world has changed dramatically in recent years.

An international team of 5CCG consultants in Basel, New York and Sao Paulo spent the last 6 months to develop one of the most innovative CRM strategies for one of the top players in the global mass market. The strategy is based on the latest developments in personalized CRM programs and operations using deep and personalized profiles to be collected from consumer and distributors in order to design programs for global and local brands enabling the brands to drive engagement and interaction with consumers on a constant base.

The Companies´ 30 Focus brands in 10 major markets will develop and implement its specific CRM programs based on the “CRM COOK BOOK” developed by 5CCG with pre defined CRM program types taking into account existing brand related content assets and global CRM infrastructures.
The programs will be communicated via all relevant channels ranging from simple point of sales (POS) presence to mobile, web, social networks and other digital channels.

5CCG at DLD 2013 in Munich

5CCG´s Michael Bornhaeusser will start the 2013 conference season by attending DLD Munich from...

5CCG at World Mobile Congress 2013 in Barcelona

Michael Bornhaeusser will join the largest gathering in the mobile world from February 25th to 28th.

Ruuben van den Heuvel - new partner 5CCG for APAC region

Ruuben van den Heuvel will act as Partner APAC for 5CCG beginning May 2012

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