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We are working with our clients on strategy, M&A and other important topics. Therefore it is important for our clients that 5CCG is providing the highest level of confidentiality.

We never communicate names or logos but we have some “neutralized” success stories where 5CCG has provided consulting services:

Client: World Leading Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Company (Brusseles, New York, Sao Paulo)
Project: Global CRM Strategy

For the core portfolio of 30 focus brands in 10 major markets, 5CCG developed an innovative CRM strategy based on international research studies, a strategic concept and principles to design and operate ongoing CRM strategies. Other integral parts of the strategy were the integration of point-of-sales (POS) and distributors into the CRM programs, the CRM COOK BOOK with pre-defined program types, the technical solution for global CRM infrastructure as well as global/local integration plans and business case models based on new KPIs in order to forecast and monitor the efficiency of CRM programs considering Consumer Life Time Values.

Client: Market leading media enterprise (Switzerland and international)
Project: Business development strategy for new fields of business using core media brands.

For various  media brands 5CCG provided international market research and case studies (in collaboration with 5CCG’s New York Office), a strategy concept for transactional, targeted advertising and affiliate marketing business including overall strategy, service architecture, organizational structure, technical concept, uptake projections, business planning and strategic recommendations.

Client: Market leading newspaper group (Switzerland)
Project: Digital product strategy

5CCG provided a full fledge market analysis (international and local) for digital publishing products in the web, mobile app and related spaces. Based on that analysis 5CCG developed an overall digital product strategy for free, freemium and subscription products on all channels based on strategic positioning of the main brands in the current and future market spaces. The deliveries included user and subscriber projections, full cost projections and product pricing alternatives as well as a sophisticated business plan model that covers the next couple of years with strategic recommendations to execute.

Client: Country government
Project: Mobile network expansion strategy

Based on the input from several mobile network operators regarding future antenna usage and deployments (incl. new technologies) 5CCG prepared a study to analyse the impact of the overall network expansion and the respective immission in several scenarios. Together with the government and the mobile operators the network plannings got optimized to improve the forecasted immission situation.

Client: Market leading newspaper group (Switzerland)
Project: Entertainment product and service strategy

5CCG provided an in depth strategy for specific entertainment fields including market research, editorial / product / service strategy, negotiations with rights holders, service design and related user-and subscriber projections, cost calculations which lead to an overall business plan the management used for realization.

Client: Market leader in the Digital Entertainment Service and Fulfillment Field (UK)
Project: Global digital market analysis/forecast, product and expansion strategy, investment planning, business & financial planning and M&A opportunity investigation and target identification.

5CCG provided a detailed market study and market development projection for media usage, digital channel development (mobile, IPTV, online) for music, video and  digital advertising incl. local issues and competition review. Potential customer, recommended business models and pricing alongside with a detailed business case per market have been the bottom line deliveries.

A recommendation for preferred markets to expand including several acquisition targets have been provided to guide our client in the right direction for its expansion. 5CCG is now involved in the M&A activities and the implementation of the expansion strategy.

Client: Power Provider (Argentina)
Project: Strategy development to move into the telecommunication market by using power line to provide a full set of services.

5CCG provides the market studies and best/worst cases to develop a comprehensive strategy meeting the demands of potential customer and develop a detailed business plan for the client. The deliveries included service strategies incl. pricing models and cost calculation.

Client: World leading international mobile and fix line network provider (Mexico)
Project: Value added service strategy; business planning and marketing strategy

5CCG provided a broad range of research for the regional market, a deep competition analysis alongside with best/worst cases out of other emerging markets. Service strategy recommendations have been backed by business projections to validate several options for the customer in terms of service type, business models and pricing parameters in order to outline several scenarios in the light of new government regulations and strong competition.

5CCG is now involved in a strategy review for the client in order to optimize mid-term strategic projects and service implementations.

Client: Venture Fund (Brazil, Mexico)
Project: Investment strategy; legal and financial structure; management process; fund raising


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