5 Continents Consulting Group

“Solid market research - the key to successful decision-making”

5CCG is constantly researching and analysing developments in markets and its segments. We are maintaining a pool of own studies which reflect economic conditions, new technologies, other market outlooks, carrier data and informations we have access to.

We have global coverage and could create up to date studies from global overviews to very detailed country-specific presentations.

The research process:

  • The information we have gathered gets cleaned to fit our formats and then imported into our database system.
  • The database system is optimized to detect relationships in datasets and to value certain parameters. Therefore some information will have more impact on forecasted values, other less.
  • Based on the data and its valued parameters we use several models and algorithms to forecast future developments.
  • The forecasted results are cross-checked and validated before we merge them with historic data.
  • Finally we analyse the whole data range (historic & forecasted), create charts to visually point out important developments and trends and incorporate those results into our market/segment outlook.
5CCG Market Research Process - Click to enlarge

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